Tuesday, 24 February 2009

La-Vie Albums come to Colchester

Great News:
- we are now proud to offer the handcrafted albums by La-Vie.
A totally new concept, where each photograph is cut into the page by hand. With key lines and cut outs to produce a truly uniquely surprising and sumptuous leather bound book. We are the only photographers who offer this book in this area.

Have a look at the Suppliers web site to get a better look.


We will have sample Albums to view in 6 weeks.

Here are another couple of screen shots to give you more of idea of what these amazing albums look like. To get a crisper image just click on pictures. If you would like to see the prices for these albums please feel free to give me a call to arrange an appointment at our Colchester Studio.
Look forward to seeing you...

look good don't they ?

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Jennifer & Andrew's Valentines Day Wedding !

The Guys stopped traffic this Saturday.....

After what seems months of freezing, snowing raining and windy weather this Saturday Andrew & Jennifer had a Valentines treat " a lovely sunny day" if not a bit chilly. At the Town Hall, the red carpet was laid out and the ceremony took place in the Mayer's Parlour, very warm and cosy.
After a quick trip to the park, the reception was held at the Officers Club.

We had a great fun photographing Jennifer & Andrews wedding and hope they have an amazing honeymoon.